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The contemporary shop-window-cum-exhibition It All Began Secretly (‘Titkosan kezdődött’) explores the issues of changing models, independence of the arts and the loss of freedom in higher education.

The Independent Association of HUFA Students announced an open call in October, intending to showcase the winning artworks in galleries, cafés and restaurants. The layout has been changed due to the restrictions – the organisers have decided that there will be a walking route for viewers to stroll through, with artistic reflections to find in various shop windows.

  • Exhibiting artists: Adamkó Dávid, Chilf Mária, Igor & Ivan Buharov, Menesi Attila, Nemes Csaba, Pólya Zsombor, Csapó Júlia, Domján Gábor, Fábián István, Farkas Regina, Gazsó Márta, Ibad Zuleykha, Iványi Helka, Kautzky Sára, Monhor Viktória, Palóczi Andrea, Puskás Melitta Flóra, Sarfenstein Ditta, Sárközi Mónika, Szabó Beáta, Szalai Miklós, Szalay Hanna, Szén András, Széphelyi Ágnes Tünde, Terdik Szilvia, Tonté Dominik, Turchányi Zsófia, Zakar Antal
  • Curators: Ágnes Keszegh, Éva Kopasz, Veve Laczai, Emma Teleki, Tímea Urbantsok, Réka Veres 


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