Rossmann Santa Run

There are many recurring things in our lives every year, from ham at Easter through Christmas trees to Santa. We cannot get enough of any of them, but small changes are good. At least that is what the innovative BSI team thought. This year they have come up with the idea of putting everyone in Santa outfits who is ready to run 2.7 km in a red cap and gown and a white beard to match. This is the first such initiative in Hungary! The Santa gear is provided for every participant by the organizing Budapest Sportiroda (Budapest Sports Office). Run alongside as many Santas as you’ve never dared to dream of! (The only thing left to figure out is how you’ll explain to your kids the abundance of Santas.)

A national Santa summit is going to be organized in District IX around Corvinus University. (The race will kick off at 3pm on 6 December with only one round!) This time those not participating are not asked to stay away from Fővám tér and the surrounding area. On the contrary, get yourselves over there to enjoy the Rossmann Santa Run, running in good company and cheering the participants on. In line with tradition, BSI will organize a charity fundraiser as well (toys, school supplies, stationery). Visit futanet.hu to find out more. A happy event in Budapest where several thousand Santas will start a new tradition. (Krampuses, stay away!) It would be a shame to miss this one, right?