Launched in 2016, Kolorádó Festival has become an essential part of the Budapest summer scene. While it might have outgrown its ‘small festival’ label, it still retains a medium-sized feel. But what truly sets Kolorádó apart is its unique atmosphere. Forget endless scrolling and social media updates – this festival is all about enjoying the music and connecting with people. There's a real focus on having fun, with attendees dancing and chatting instead of glued to their phones (since there is no reception). This year's lineup is particularly exciting, featuring Red Axes (performing two nights!), Nicola Cruz, Blawan, Sedef Adasi, and Hungarian favourites Carson Coma, Analog Balaton, and Krúbi.

  • Ticket prices: pass – HUF 48,900, two-day passes – HUF 27,900-38,900, daily tickets – HUF 15,900-19,900