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Do you ever wonder what a
made entirely of
plant-based ingredients
would taste like? Or how delicious would a raw,
vegan stuffed cabbage
be? Are you interested in
superfood smoothies
, or would you just endeavor a vegetable-nut plate?
Besides all the mouthwatering meals mentioned above, you can try many other
vegan dishes
June 16-19
, at the thoroughfare by the
 shopping center, that turns into a
gastro festival
, awaiting all the healthy eaters.

Why is this even special?

Each exhibitor will especially prepare one appetizer, main course, or dessert that otherwise cannot be found on their permanent menu. On Saturday and Sunday meal making
will be organized, with freshly introduced ingredients, and a
film screening
will also take place. Besides the stands of the various food exhibitors, there will be beer, and book stands, as well as many other surprises.



Anjuna Ice Pops


Chilion -

Govinda Étterem

Vegán Édes Élet Cukrászda

Hideg Nyalat

Kozmosz Vegán Étterem

Mysore Pack

Napfényes Étterem

Napfényes Cukrászat

Nyersétel Akadémia, Természetesen Egészségesen

Sóker Zöldturmix Bár


Toldi Fűszer és Delicates Bt

Trapp Keksz

Veggie Nyers Vegán Bisztro

Vegan Love - Vegan Street Food

Vegan Junk Food


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