, the
cherry blossoms
signify the transience of existence, renowned for its vibrant yet ephemeral beauty. After Japan's earthquake tsunami catastrophe and subsequent nuclear meltdown in 2011, they also became a measure of hope for the resurrection of life.

Japanese artist,
Chie Yamayoshi
layers artificiality with the natural world by replicating the blooming through a 7-channel projection. Immersed within the installation, the viewer is surrounded by an invisible wind that sweeps the petals across projections where quiet spectacle and sublime are intertwined.

are filmed in Japan, one year after the disaster, where the wind restlessly strips petals from full-bloomed cherry trees. All falling petals are computer-generated, meticulously constructed fabrications.
Ephemeral Eternity
makes the impermanent permanent and preserves nature while remaining within the realm of artifice.