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Never seen before: the Bolt moving stage surprised even the veteran festival-goers of Sziget


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11/08/2023 1.27pm

The Sziget Festival is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated musical and cultural events of the year, proving every year that it is capable of reinventing itself, whether it is the amazing visuals, the fun atmosphere or the expansion of the programme. This time, as the festival's flagship taxi service provider, Bolt has come up with an activity that forms a part of this renewal effort, and in no small way: for the first time in the festival's history, a moving stage will take the music to every corner of the island.

The BOLT MOVING STAGE was an instant hit and instantly captured the hearts of the party-goers

Bolt first sponsored the urban style “dropYard powered by BOLT” stage, but being the taxi service provider it seemed logical to complement the static stage with a moving act. 

Photo: Bolt

The mobile stage attracts attention with its unique design, as all the DJ equipment and the obligatory decorations are mounted on an all-electric vehicle. 

Photo: Bolt

Environmental awareness did not stop at electric propulsion, even the sound equipment is powered by renewable energy. But the silent motor has less of a role to play here, once DJs such as Edo Denova, master of sophisticated house music, Drop The Cheese and Danny Better, who plays vibrant electro beats, will be sharing the mixing desk. The lineup doesn't end there, with daytime house music from Ben Flows, Breda Bia, Poly and Ryder.

If you've got any energy left after all this drive, try the Bolt surf simulator.

Photo: Bolt

BOLT is once again a prominent participant of the national festival and competition season. It offers a fast, convenient and safe solution for all festival-goers.

Just like last year, Bolt will be present at the Sziget Festival. During the August event, festival-goers will be able to use the taxi service from a designated taxi stand. Bolt will also offer a range of exciting and entertaining activities for all those who visit the festival. Join the DJ in front of the moving stage, party with your favourite influencers and enjoy the authentic festival atmosphere with Bolt. Party on!

Photo: Bolt

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