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Enter Ottoman Hungary at the premiere of Castles, Warriors, Frontiers at the Bartók Spring festival


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29/03/2023 2.14pm

In only a few days, Budapest's long-awaited cultural festival, Bartók Spring International Arts Weeks, is officially opening. It is bringing outstanding events to the capital, curated by one of Hungary's most modern cultural institutions Müpa. In the first two weeks of April, big names from the classical and pop music scene will pop up across town, complemented by exciting premieres and one-of-a-kind shows. For example, on April 4th, you can be among the first to explore the world of Ottoman Hungary at the dance and musical performance of Castles, Warriors, Frontiers. The show brings to life the distinctive figures of the period and the romantic setting of the castles on the frontier in the language of dance.

Bartók Spring International Arts Weeks

From March 31st to April 16th, the Bartók Spring International Arts Weeks will spoil us with impressive performances all across the city's leading cultural venues. Fans of classical and pop music, dance performances, films and arts can all indulge in top-notch events in the first two weeks of April, which we have rounded up here.

If you enjoy dance and music performances and only have time for one show, make it the Castles, Warriors, Frontierspremiering on April 4th at the Liszt Music Academy.

Eredics Benjamin

Photo: Bartók Tavasz

Castles, Warriors, Frontiers

The performance of Benjamin Eredics takes inspiration from the story of The Testament of the Aga of Koppány, the first novel of Hungarian writer István Fekete. Generations have loved the story: 30 years after publishing the book, a film adaptation followed. 

The story is set in a southwestern county of Hungary (Somogy) during the Turkish invasion. Its protagonist is a 'vitéz' (warrior) called László Babocsai, whose father got defeated and killed in a duel by the Aga of Koppány, Oglu. László swore to take revenge on him, and that is where we enter the scene; in the castle of Fonyód in 1586. Where the story goes from there, you have to see for yourself.

A fonyódi végvár

Photo: Bartók Tavasz

Blending modern and folk music

After finishing the film adaption of the novel in 1967, it was high time to shine some new light on the story. Castles, Warriors, Frontiers will now be presented in an exciting and fresh format by an awardee at Müpa Budapest’s 2020 Composition Competition, Benjamin Eredics. His work will be performed in its entirety for the first time at the Bartók Spring. The choreographed dance theatre production will be premiered by the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble in the autumn, at the Liszt Fest.

Benjamin Eredics’s lively, eventful music for dance brings to life the distinctive figures of the period and the romantic setting of the castles on the frontier in the language of dance.

The complete musical material of the piece is enriched with modern elements but based on folk music. It compellingly blends the musical milieu of the late 16th century with folk music, the modern instrumental effects with the temperament of dance music. The symphonic sound blends exhilaratingly with the tone of folk instruments. Replete with colour, this sumptuous world is conveyed by musicians who are at home in different styles. Castles, Warriors, Frontiers will be performed in the Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy (4 April, 7 pm) in the vision of Miklós Vecsei H., with the participation of the Liszt Academy Symphony Orchestra and the expert narration of Géza Hegedűs D. 

Az előadás Hegedűs D. Géza értő narrációjával hangzik majd el

Photo: Bartók Tavasz

See more details and information on the performance here, purchase tickets here, and check the full programme of the Bartók Spring here

This concert of the Bartók Spring is presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with Liszt Academy. 

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