As the good weather approaches, we think more and more about going out, for example to a concert, of which there will be plenty in March and April. First, we look at the foreign acts, and offer twelve of those that aren't sold out yet.

Federico Albanese

The Italian-born musician, who has lived in Berlin for a long time, fits neatly into the ranks of his contemporaries such as Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. His music is a harmonious blend of classical and modern, with piano as much part of the whole as electronics. Federico Albanese's concerts are emotional roller-coaster rides, gentle or even terrifying expeditions into the very depths of our souls.

Where: A38 Ship
When: 2 March, 8:00 pm
Ticket price: HUF 4,500–4,900 

Panda Bear + Sonic Boom

Two indie legends will perform together in the concert hall of the House of Music Hungary. Noah Benjamin Lennox is a founding member of the art-pop band Animal Collective, while Peter Kember is a member of Spacemen 3, a band that existed between 1982 and 1991. Both have amazing creative energies and together, their sounds blend into a fascinating musical fusion. They come to us with their album Reset, released last year. 

Where: House of Music Hungary
When: 5 March, 7:30 pm
Ticket price: HUF 6,800 


The one-man band of the crazy Frenchman Mezerg is an original, entertaining, and incredible production. His electronically based music ranges from simple pop to experimental, although if you think about it, his whole oeuvre is one giant experiment. He can turn anything, any object, into an instrument and make it sound, which is why his work is so exciting, apart from the fact that, although we've seen it before, every concert is like the first we've ever seen. So even though he's been here before, it's still worth attending his spring concert in Budapest.

Where: Akvárium Klub
When: 10 March, 8:00 pm
Ticket price: HUF 6,900 

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his career with a tour, which we are lucky enough to be involved in. What can you expect from such a landmark performance? Of course, the singer-songwriter's greatest hits will be performed in the company of fan favourites and, if we can believe the rumours, we'll be hearing everything in a slightly different, reimagined form.

Where: Budapest Arena
When: 14 March, 8:00 pm
Ticket price: HUF 33,100–99,100

The Damned 

British punk legends The Damned, still active and with a new album (Darkadelic) due out soon (28 April), will come to Budapest for this year's tour, which is great news, if only because this is the first time the band, almost 50 years of existence, will be performing in the capital for the first time. Hopefully, on this occasion they will not only play new songs, but also some classics.

Where: A38 Ship
When: 18 March, 7:00 pm
Ticket price: HUF 13,300

Lola Marsh

It's relatively rare for an Israeli indie pop band to visit Budapest, but this year will be an exception as Lola Marsh, the duo of Gil Landau and Yael Shoshana Cohen, who have only existed for a few years, but are already a big name all around the world, are coming to Budapest. This is the umpteenth time they've returned to our country, but we'll be there just as much as the first time.

Where: Akvárium Klub
When: 24 March, 7:30 pm
Ticket price: HUF 6,500 

Cannibal Corpse

Undisputedly, the most brutal band in death metal is the utterly horrendous American band Cannibal Corpse. The band, 35 years old this year, have released 15 albums to date and have recently announced that they are working on their next one – a fact that doesn't stop them from embarking on a European tour, which will see them in Budapest with three guest bands, Dark Funeral, Ingested, and Stormruler.

Where: Barba Negra
When: 26 March, 6:00 pm
Ticket price: HUF 9,999 

The Soft Moon

The American Luis Vasquez and his band of varying line-ups are a real underground gem. Having released five albums to date, The Soft Moon couldn't come to a better place than Dürer. Vasquez's deeply unsettling industrial–electronic music will be a perfect match for the quiet, calm Danube and the contrast between the industrial buildings.

Where: Dürer Kert
When: 2 April, 9:30 pm
Ticket price: HUF 6,000–6,500 


The Dutch electronic music duo that takes you to strange soundscapes returns to Budapest. Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers have been playing together since 2010. From the first listen, you can hear the duo's originality and captivating sound. Ambient, synth-pop, minimal techno and trip hop form an unparalleled blend. So far they have released two albums and several EPs, with a third album on the way.

Where: A38 Ship
When: 7 April, 8:00 pm
Ticket price: HUF 5,500–6,500 


After more than 30 years of music and 14 albums, Mark Oliver Everett and his changing line-up are finally coming to Budapest. The Eels' concert is what you might call an Important Music Event. We hope that they will not only play their latest music from the last few years, but also all the big hits and catchy tunes that have been released since 1995, when they recorded their first album.

Where: Akvárium Klub
When: 15 April, 7:00 pm
Ticket price: HUF 9,900 

Jonathan Bree

The singer-songwriter and producer from New Zealand is an odd-looking character, as if he is not a flesh and blood person underneath his clothes, especially since his face is never visible, as it is always covered by a mask without complexions. His four albums to date will be followed by a fifth this year, on the occasion of which he will be touring and coming to Budapest, as well.

Where: Instant-Fogas Complex
When: 27 April, 7:30 pm
Ticket price: HUF 3,500–4,500 

Tim Hecker

The Canadian electronic musician and producer has been active since the mid-90s. The hallmark of his music is experimentation. He combines ambient, experimental electronic, and contemporary music with classical elements, but he's not shy of a more gritty, noisy sound. His Budapest concert will be a true initiation, with the help of local artists (OOO and Emcsi).

Where: House of Music Hungary
When: 28 April, 7:30 pm
Ticket price: HUF 5,500