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Juicy, crunchy and green – Las Vegan’s hedonistic dishes await at Etele Plaza


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09/08/2022 2.16pm

Lord Seitan, Magic Mushroom and dr Carrot – the burgers at Las Vegan’s are not only creative by name, but also diverse in their flavours. We can also mention quesadillas with coriander and vegan cream, chimichangas, the deluxe street-corn salad turbocharged with all the extras, and the fresh smoothies. Whether you follow a plant-based diet or eat meat, at Las Vegan’s you can easily dismiss everything you thought about vegan nutrition and indulge in the most delicious snacks. They’re now waiting for you at seven locations around town – including riverside Római-part and the best gastropubs in the city centre – with juicy and tasty street-food dishes. What’s more, their latest outlet has just opened at Etele Plaza, where Las Vegan’s has now planted its flag.

Las Vegan’s has long been a reliable point of reference for vegetarians in Budapest, but their street-food creations go far beyond the stereotypes of standard vegan dishes, dull tofu and tasteless lettuce. Even the most ardent of carnivores will be swept off their feet by their inventive dishes and varied flavours.

The burgers are packed with the finest ingredients. In the Hot Cheezy, for example, carrot bacon and grilled seitan are the focus, while in the Sweet Dream, the vegan deep-fried cheese jazzes up the grilled aubergine.

You can say what you like about their salads, but you can’t say that they’re boring. For example, the street corn takes a little journey to Mexico with its shredded, smoky soy meat, tortilla chips, jalapeño and vegan cheese sauce.

The popularity of Las Vegan’s is indisputable, and now you can enjoy the best vegan snacks at seven locations. If you want a place to sit outside with a terrace, then head to the Római-part, where the Las Vegan’s food truck is waiting at Miamor, while you can also find them in three places in the centre of town: at Rácskert, Karaván and Kazinczy utca. If you want a quick and healthy snack, you can visit them at the Corvin Plaza and Allee malls, and at their newest outlet just opened at Etele Plaza.

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