Budapest’s first lavender park opens in Újpest


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16/08/2022 10.15am

Budapest’s first lavender park has opened in Újpest, containing 5,800 plants and 1,400 other perennials. Walkways, selfie and rest points, purple benches, white pebbles, pergolas and solar-powered street lights embellish the surroundings. The garden by the Szilas stream is free to enter and open 24/7.

Lovely aromas surround the lavender park in Újpest, accessible to all including cyclists and dog walkers. Plans call for using any dead plants to make scented bags, created by the disabled workers of the Újpest Social Employment Agency.

Further initiatives involve rainwater collection and a compost programme, allowing bins to be distributed around other community gardens in the area.

Photo: Újpest Önkormányzata

Photo: Újpest Önkormányzata

Photo: Újpest Önkormányzata

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