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Romans return to Aquincum thanks to guerrilla sculptor Mihajlo Kolodko


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23/05/2022 9.20am

Known for his humorous figurines placed at apt locations around Budapest, guerrilla sculptor Mihajlo Kolodko has just left his latest creation overlooking a former Roman amphitheatre in Óbuda. Titled In vino veritas, the new work depicts a legionnaire in a laid-back summer mood clutching a jug of wine.

Urban myths and legends are the stock in trade of guerrilla sculptor Mihajlo Kolodko, whose previous works have included a diver dredging up the key to the New York Café and the cartoon dragon, Süsü.

Now Kolodko’s latest figure relates to the Roman garrison that once stood at Aquincum, Óbuda, today the site of an amphitheatre, scattered ruins and a museum featuring an impressive floor mosaic.

His creations are not confined to Hungary – recently Kolodko left another mini-legionnaire at the Roman amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia.

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