Virtual or real? NFTs come to Hungary in the form of a 3D burger


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10/05/2022 2.12pm

A burger bar has entered the crypto market with an innovative project and campaign never seen before in Hungary. Bamba Marha will be the first Hungarian restaurant to launch an exclusive NFT burger in both an edible and a virtual version. This May, visitors can try this new trend at all their Budapest outlets.

They only made one of Bamba Marha’s NFT golden burger. In addition to being a 3D digital creation, the golden burger has an extra feature: its owner can eat a big menu once a month at any Bamba Marha outlet for the rest of their life.

Photo: Bamba Marha


NFT is an abbreviation of non-fungible token. It’s a completely unique virtual data unit stored on a specific blockchain. It can also be traded and sold, as there is only one example of each NFT. This can be created from any digital file, even if it’s a photo, a graphic, a 3D file, music or audio, the point is to authenticate the file on some kind of blockchain – this proves its identity, authenticity and ownership. The market for NFTs is currently very active in many countries, and some items are sold at amazingly high prices.

Photo: Bamba Marha

“The idea was born at the first meeting this year,” says Jani Jancsa, founder of Bamba Marha Burger Bar. “We wanted to somehow connect the virtual world to the tastes you can sense in the real world. And creating a digital NFT and an edible burger proved to be the perfect choice. In the physical version, which is available from May, the three letters stand for three ingredients: N for four peppers, F for Black Forest ham, and T for the secret sauce with golden drops. So not just the virtual, but also the real version turned out to be special,” adds the owner.

Jani Jancsa, the owner of Bamba Marha Burger Bars

Photo: Bamba Marha

“Apart from the fact that a 3D NFT is still a new invention on the Hungarian crypto market, it’s also unique in Hungarian gastro circles as no-one else has done it yet,” says Dániel Bernát, founder and owner of the Contented Marketing Agency.

Photo: Bamba Marha

An NFT golden burger will be raffled off among those who eat a real NFT burger at one of the Bamba Marha bars during the campaign in May. For further details, see the Bamba Marha website.

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