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  • Peterjon Cresswell

12/01/2022 3.04pm

This month, Hungary is co-hosting the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championships. Between 13-30 January, 24 teams will compete in five cities, three here and two in Slovakia. Completely new stadiums have been built in Budapest and Szeged, both unveiled in December 2021, while Debrecen’s has been significantly renovated. Here in Budapest, the MVM Dome is Europe’s largest handball arena and will also co-host major international finals in 2024 and 2027. Download our free guide to Hungary’s three host cities, their arenas, sports bars, hotels and restaurants!

Handball is a family-friendly sport, accessible to all, where young fans can see their country compete with the world’s best on a regular basis. Hungary’s women’s team has picked up medals at three Olympics, plus World and European titles, and the men’s has twice reached the semi-finals at recent Olympics.

At domestic club level, the intense rivalry in the men’s game between Szeged and Veszprém, best illustrated by two thrillingly close games at the most recent final in June 2021, keeps both provincial towns a-buzz all season.

MVM Dome, Budapest

Photo: Peterjon Cresswell/We Love Budapest

The European title changes hands rapidly, from Sweden to Germany to France to Denmark to Spain, Croatia and Serbia missing out four times in the last decade or so by narrow points margins. 2022 is anyone’s tournament, to be played out in a friendly atmosphere.

Your guide to the European Men’s Handball Championships 2022

Click this link to download your guide to the European Men’s Handball Championships 2022 in Budapest, Debrecen and Szeged.

For Serbians, it’s an easy hop to Szeged, for Austrians, no distance at all to Bratislava. For those coming of you from further afield, we’ve created this little guide to help you find a decent restaurant, a lively sports bar or a comfortable hotel in each of the three Hungarian host cities.

Főnix Aréna, Debrecen

Photo: Peterjon Cresswell/We Love Budapest

For the neutral and the curious in Budapest, this is a chance to enjoy top-class international sport at affordable prices in the depths of winter. The action is fast and furious, goals plentiful and there’s a major title at stake. In times like these, what more could you ask for?

The tournament takes place 13-30 January. For more information and tickets, see here.

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