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Climb every mountain – Gravity Boulder Bar reopens


  • Gábor Wágner

12/01/2022 12.57pm

Wall climbing is a popular extreme sport in Hungary, as proved by the success of the Gravity Boulder Bar. Opened in 2018 at the top of the Mammut mall, it attracted climbers of all ages before it closed its doors for a major revamp and expansion in 2021. Now it has just reopened, twice the size of before, with a Ninja Warrior course and a 16-person sauna.

For those who might not know, there are three types of wall climbing: difficulty, speed and boulder. This latter challenge is also difficult to scale, only at lower heights and without a safety rope, which is replaced by a special layer of sponge under the walls.

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

In short, outdoors in nature you can climb to a good height up a rock wall (ie difficulty), or lower walls and large boulders here and there (ie boulder). By now, these disciplines have dovetailed and many climbers and boulderers like each other’s sport. The Gravity Boulder Bar only has boulders, but plenty of them.

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

The climbing area of the Gravity Boulder Bar runs over two floors, totalling more than 1,300 square metres, also including the Ninja Course, sauna, changing rooms and café. Originally only occupying the upper level on the fourth floor of Mammut I, the GBB was able to take over a former squash court, long empty next to the cinema, on the third.

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

This has allowed the team to introduce new climbing surfaces – including a section for professionals as well as one built for very beginners – and a Ninja course for younger visitors.

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

But that’s not the only novelty – a gym has been set up in the gallery above the bar on the lower level, and the changing rooms on the upper level can now accommodate 240 people. Also on the upper level, the sauna (HUF 600) can be used by 16 people at any one time, without needing to use the climbing wallgym or Ninja course.

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

The climbing area isn’t expensive either – 2,500 forints unlimited climbing time off-peak (before 3pm and Saturdays), 3,100 forints at peak times, or 3,500/4,300 forints with sauna and Ninja course included.

There are also special deals for beginnersstudents and teachers, and fixed-time passes. Shoes and chalk bags can be hired. Check all prices here.

Venue information

Gravity Boulder Bar
1024 Budapest, Lövőház utca 2-6 (top level of Mammut I)
Open: Mon-Thur 6am-11pm, Fri 8am-11pm, Sat-Sun 9am-9pm

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