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Another great riverside getaway at Római-part – Garden Placc opens by the Danube


  • Gábor Wágner

13/08/2021 2.19pm

Until recently, Római-part was the domain of cyclists, rowers and dog-walkers, a lazy stretch of the Danube in Óbuda dotted with the occasional alfresco bar or eatery of simple description. Now that’s all changed, with contemporary destinations catering to a more demanding clientele. The latest is Garden Placc – we dropped anchor alongside and popped in.

It wasn’t that long ago that leisure activities along the Római riverbank stretched as far as cycling, dog-walking and rowing. Drinking options extended to Fellini and Nap bácsi. This summer, along with SUP, there’s even a public beach.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

As for imbibing, among the clutch of recent openings, you can now find Garden Placc – in fact, you can’t miss it. Sky blue and white colours greet the visitor strolling just beyond Fellini. Cooling shade over the tables and the peaceful atmosphere also beckon in attractive fashion. An Edwardian-era bather with a waxed moustache and stripy swimsuit wouldn’t seem so out of place.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

Garden Placc is not part of the public beach nearby, but it uses its location to best advantage, so you feel as if we you’re sitting at a beach bar with your drink in hand. But this is no beach bar, rather it echoes the days of a century ago when the well-to-do went out to the Danube to swim, sunbathe and play sport. And lo and behold, Garden Placc provides not only a view of the water along with food and drink, but also numerous outdoor activities.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

Created by the team behind the multifunctional Budapest Garden elsewhere in Óbuda, Garden Placc offers cycle, kayak, canoe and SUP rental, tennis, badminton, Teqball and table tennis, and even fitness machines have been set up some specifically for water sports.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

Larger gatherings of friends and colleagues intent on team-building can rent a ten-team row boat with a captain, and practise SUP and kayaking as a group. Barbecue sets and cauldrons can also be hired if the goal is just cooking and hanging out together. Alongside is a playground for kids.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

Garden Placc is the perfect addition to the public beach, where you can relax, eat and drink after your swim, as well as being a convivial stop-off for cyclists.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

Price-wise, it’s standard for the surroundings, neither cheap nor expensive. Street food is provided by Deep Burger and Deep Fried Chicken, but there are lighter dishes and salads also available. Spritzers and cocktails suit the mood, drinks-wise.

All that’s left to do is for you to relax.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

Venue information

Garden Placc
1039 Budapest, Királyok útja 33
Current opening hours: Daily noon-11pm

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