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Oven-baked sourdough pita and a new falafel recipe – welcome to the renewed hummusbar


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01/06/2021 9.09am

The team at hummusbar have kept busy during quarantine, creating a new interior, fresh recipes and a renewed menu for the spring.

Hummusbar outlets were very much active during recent closures, local hospitality creatives Socially helping them with the external and internal transformation. The company now also helps its partners with full branding and interior design planning.

Photo: Hummusbar / Socially

The outlet at the Allee mall was the first to be unveiled with a revamped interior, soon to be followed by one on downtown Október 6. utca, but in future, the interior of all hummusbars will adapt to the new plans – and not only here, a franchise of three hummusbars has already opened in Bulgaria.

Photo: Hummusbar / Socially

There are plenty of changes on the menu as well. The standard dishes have undergone a little revamp: the pita is now made with sourdough, served fresh and warm throughout the day, using new technology, while new hummus dishes await guests.

Photo: Hummusbar / Socially

The two key dishes, falafel and shakshuka, have also been given a boost: the hummusbar has improved its falafel recipe, the taste and structure are of better quality, and they promote sustainability by using 100% vegan ingredients.  

Photo: Hummusbar / Socially

These two dishes created with revamped recipes are already available at all hummusbars – and, also in the name of sustainability, they use environmentally friendly packaging if you don’t consume on the terrace.

Photo: Hummusbar / Socially

The three types of vegan chill tea have also been added to the drinks list, available in veryberry, energy and super flavours. These can be sampled at all hummusbars.

There’s innovation on the dessert front, too. Now you can enjoy three vegan desserts: malabi, a classic Middle Eastern milk pudding; tahini mousse, contrasting the crunchiness of roast buckwheat; and chocolate mousse, created from a layering of white and plain chocolates.

The hummusbar franchise system has been improved, with plans to open branches outside Budapest as well.

For a list of branches, see here

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