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See the design for the new Ministry of Agriculture building on Kossuth tér


  • Gábor Wágner

08/04/2021 1.19pm

Images have just been released showing how the new Ministry of Agriculture building will look, a prominent landmark opposite Parliament on Kossuth tér. Work should begin this summer and continue for three years.

The building of the Ministry of Agriculture was erected between 1885 and 1887, based on the plans of a renowned architect of the day, Gyula Bukovics. It is a typically grandiose edifice that impresses passers-by, even after being battered by the passage of time and the vicissitudes of the weather.

Rear and Alkotmány utca façade according to the Bukovics design

Photo: Steindl Imre Program

This Neo-Renaissance building at Kossuth tér 11, the first of the public buildings in the square before Parliament itself, is Bukovics’ main work.

There were problems with the building relatively early on. On the one hand, after the space gained its final look and shape, it stood out a bit from the other, more ornate and magnificent buildings, while on the other, there were problems with its interior layout, as several rooms did not have windows that opened to the outside.

Inner courtyard to be open to visitors

Photo: Steindl Imre Program

They tampered with it several times, but renovations, façade corrections, floor plan modifications, floor extensions and interior remodelling never completely remedied the problems.

After World War II, it became a listed building and later fell under the auspices of the Imre Steindl Programme for renovation and has been vacant since 2018. Plans were prepared by architectural firm Archikon, which recently issued these designs.

Photo: Steindl Imre Program

The aim of the renewal is to preserve the heritage value ​​of the building in the long term, while also taking into account functionality.

Therefore, this will also correct the structural defects clear from the beginning, requiring some degree of modernisation.

Interior design solutions from the 1940s

Photo: Steindl Imre Program

The rear wing, which has been rebuilt several times, will also be restored to its original condition. The ornate façades and interiors will regain their original beauty and finery.

And, though this will be a ministry, it will not be closed to the general public. After renovation, the central inner courtyard will be open to visitors. All this is expected to happen some time in 2024.

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