Virtual classes teach Hungarian folk songs in English worldwide


  • Gretchen Kessler

06/04/2021 11.51am

As restrictions continue, virtual culture has become a viable workaround. Luckily for those interested in music, Zina Bozzay’s Hungarian folk-singing classes are bridging the cultural divide by offering in-depth pronunciation and folk singing for worldwide participation.

Photo: Hungarian Folk Singing Circle Facebook

We have mentioned Zina’s classes in the past, when the sessions took place in person on Monday evenings. Now, of course, restrictions make this impossible, but the online option allows anyone to join, whether they live here in Hungary or abroad!

Classes begin with a crash-course in Hungarian pronunciation, going over the various vowel and consonant sounds which give foreign learners such difficulty. Once the basics are covered, Zina introduces participants to the nuances of folk singing, including vocabulary in the songs which might be historic, quirky or otherwise not common in the daily Hungarian jargon today.

Photo: Hungarian Folk Singing Circle Facebook

Classes include listening to village source recordings, translation of lyrics, background information on style and more. The sessions are all held in English, and open to participants of all cultural, linguistic and musical backgrounds. There are several courses offered, such as the Transylvania Semester, Songs for Folk Dancing, Hungarian Folk Singing Summer Camp and for those who want a little extra, private lessons and group classes or workshops are also available.

For more information on everything on offer, and how to get involved, check out the Hungarian Folk Singing Class website. Prices are on a sliding scale in forints and dollars.

Photo: Hungarian Folk Singing Circle Facebook

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