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Green makeover for Danube embankment in Buda


  • Nóra Nemes

30/03/2021 9.26am

A new initiative aims to improve public green space, increase cycle lanes and lessen car traffic on the Danube embankment in Buda. Budapest Transport Company BKK has announced the public procurement of spaces either side of Margaret Bridge, including three squares and two parks.

Better public green space can be expected along the Buda embankment in future as planners aim to renovate areas such as Elvis Presley and Germanus Gyula parks, Nagy Imre tér and Szilágyi Dezső tér, and around the Tarasz Shevchenko monument.

The project involves some 50,000 square metres, as well as 1,500 metres of Fő utca parallel to the Danube. It should encourage communal use of these outdoor areas, and increase cycling traffic north-south, towards and from Óbuda.

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