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Lost Budapest animated photo series shows classic sights of Pest


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27/12/2021 9.11am

The latest part of a series by the creative team at Animatiqua presents old Budapest in vividly animated contemporary photos. Among the sights are Blaha Lujza tér as it used to be, City Park and the former row of mansions along the banks of the Danube.

Animatiqua have animated a total of 30 photos from the Fortepan communal archive for the third part of Lost Budapest.

Our mission is to preserve our architectural heritage, with our hands, in virtual space," says András Kondacs, founding director of Animatiqua

The film shows the Public Slaughterhouse building and the old National Theatre on Blaha Lujza tér, not to mention the once ornate mansions along the Danube Promenade – plus and the old Elizabeth Bridge, which has already appeared in earlier episodes of the series.

Photo: Animatiqua

In addition, the defining figures of historic Budapest also appear here, such as Miklós Ybl, who appears in a ring of famous architects, and József Zwack, from the Unicum liqueur dynasty.

Then there are curiosities such as a zeppelin flying above the old National Archive building. The animated old photos cover roughly 100 years: the period from the middle of the 19th century to World War II.

Look out, too, for little tricks such as a man reading a newspaper before the image dissolves into the present day.

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