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Danubia Orchestra Óbuda creates a Netflix for classical music


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26/01/2021 1.52pm

The ever-pioneering Danubia Orchestra Óbuda is behind a new initiative, a platform for music lovers to tune into the kind of sounds they might want to hear. Instead of selecting what you’d like to watch, like on Netflix, you choose what you’d like to listen to. Initially presented in Hungarian by local personalities describing the music in their lives, Út a zenéhez (‘The Road to Music’) involves the DOO performing favourite tunes by the bucketload. Registration is easy, English-friendly and, currently, free!

Always brimming with inventive ideas – such as celebrating Beethoven’s anniversary by staging concerts for the hard of hearing – the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda is now behind another musical invention, a Netflix-like platform for classical melodies: Út a zenéhez.

Photo: Óbudai Danubia Zenekar

Celebrities involved include actress/singer Bori Péterfy, stand-up comedian Péter Janklovics, chess player Kata Karácsonyi, teacher József Balatoni and actress Gabriella Hámori, who share their personal thoughts in Hungarian about music.

On the Út a zenéhez page, you can listen to pieces of classical music assigned to different moods, and immerse yourself in melody. The platform is currently free to use, all you need is a simple registration. Once it becomes paid-for, subscription fees will remain low. There’s also a one-month trial period. Happy listening!

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