Don't wait for days for your shopping – eatvo will deliver your order to your home in every district of Budapest within 20 minutes, day and night!

Over the last year, even with everything topsy-turvy and so much time spent at home, the daily routine is just as busy. One of the most time-consuming activities is shopping, plus it’s increasingly inconvenient to run to the store due to the early closing and the pandemic.

Often, though, online shopping is not the best solution either, as you have to wait several days for the courier to arrive. However, thanks to the eatvo app, once your order has been received, your package is immediately assembled and already shipped, so you can have your shopping sorted in a flash.

Eatvo prices are also very reasonable. For orders over 2,500 forints, the delivery fee is only 500 forints, and if it’s over 5,000 forints, it’s free! In addition, if something springs to mind at midnight, that’s no problem, either, as eatvo takes care of deliveries 24/7, all arranged cheaply, simply and comfortably from home.

The eatvo app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, and registration only takes a minute.

We Love Budapest: eatvo is a new player on the domestic food-delivery scene. What services do you offer to customers and what is your mission?

Gökhan Elçin: Modern problems require modern solutions. Nowadays, shopping creates more difficulties than ever. The eatvo app aims to take the concept of online shopping to a new level and make people’s lives significantly easier. We save our users time and energy by helping them say goodbye to supermarket queues. We take home what you need, when you need it.

WLB: How is this service different from the ones other players can provide?

GE: Several players are already present on the online food-delivery market. Here, we’re talking about the well-known multi-store chains and even the competitors who specialise in this. They all have the same aim: to deliver ordered products to customers.

We, on the other hand, work according to delivery conditions that are completely new to the competition. With us, delivery takes place between 0 and 24 hours, every day of the week (including public holidays). Our delivery time in downtown Budapest is on average 20 minutes.

WLB: How can you ensure fast delivery? You guarantee that we can receive our ordered goods within 20 minutes?

GE: We don’t have to wait for hours for the package, because the way our app has been set up, the goods are already prepared by our couriers and delivered immediately.

We work from our own store, which also functions as a warehouse and an actual supermarket during the day. This significantly speeds up completing the packages. With us, life doesn’t stop after 7pm. In fact, that’s when 80% of our own orders come to us.

WLB: There are two camps where online shopping is concerned: some say they’re a big faff and prefer to run down to the store, while others can’t even imagine not doing their shopping that way any more. What do you think are the biggest benefits of online shopping?

GE: Shopping takes a lot of time and energy from people’s lives. Think of the long snaking queues, the faulty cash registers, the customers in front of us who have trouble with payment, holding everyone up.

Then there’s getting there in the first place. No parking spaces? No sign of the bus? We want to eliminate these problems with our service and make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

WLB: Can you find everything at eatvo that is on the supermarket shelves?

GE: Of course. Imagine a fully stocked supermarket with separate sections for baked goods, frozen products, vegetables and fruit. There are currently 26 categories in the app and users can choose from over 2,500 products.

We also have an allergen-friendly category that includes gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products. We are constantly expanding our offer. We want to meet all your needs when it comes to online shopping.

WLB: Who would you recommend eatvo’s services to?

GE: eatvo is made for those who want to arrange shopping from the comfort of their home. Who would rather spend their time with loved ones and friends than queuing. For those who are missing only a few ingredients for dinner, but the stores are already closed. In a word: for everyone.

WLB: How does home delivery work? Which districts can you place your order from?

GE: We deliver to all districts. It can be ordered practically for the whole area of ​​Budapest between 0 and 24 hours. The minimum order amount is 2,500 forints and our delivery fee is 500 forints.

However, if your order is 5,000 forints or over, our delivery is free. Our couriers can be tracked through the app and we are constantly sending notifications so customers can see that their order is complete and the courier has set off for the address provided.

WLB: With eatvo, you can even order delicacies for an outdoor picnic, receiving your order within 20 minutes. It’s always great to get shopping fast, but how can speed particularly come in handy?

GE: An outdoor picnic is a great idea. If you’re by a communal barbecue, you can use the eatvo app to order the ingredients for quick grilling. You can find everything from fresh meat and vegetables to spices.

People often order alcohol from us at dawn. Any time you like, you can have another beer or continue wine drinking after dinner. Even then, the eatvo app comes in handy.

WLB: Sustainability is important to more and more people when shopping, such as replacing plastic bags and packaging materials. Does eatvo also pay attention to environmental awareness?

GE: It is important for us to live in a more sustainable world with convenient shopping and a more comfortable future. Orders are shipped in paper bags that can be returned to our couriers either in situ or with your next purchase. In addition, we also plan to replace all our scooters and cars with electric ones.

WLB: What promotions can customers look out for?

GE: There is a Special Products category within the app. We are constantly updating this. It is worth keeping your eye out for it as products come and go. We try to surprise our customers from time to time with discounts, and we have special offers for the upcoming holidays.

WLB: Now it’s especially important to protect against the coronavirus, how do you keep your customers safe? Is it possible, for example, to request non-contact delivery?

GE: Not only are our couriers disinfected but we are also constantly cleaning our premises. Orders are made in rubber gloves, wearing a mask, and are delivered in this way. Body temperatures are measured daily upon arrival, and thorough hand washing is mandatory with us before and after each shipment.

Of course, you can also order a non-contact delivery from us. This option can be selected within the app, and it is possible to pay by card, in advance or in situ. We provide multiple payment methods and are extremely flexible.

WLB: For now, shoppers can place their order via an app, which is very convenient, but some prefer to sit down in front of a computer and order. Is there an eatvo webshop? What new features did you come up with for the foreseeable future?

GE: Our webshop will be available soon, as we know that there are those who prefer to arrange their shopping on a bigger screen. In any case, our app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, and registration only takes one minute.

We plan a lot of innovations, co-operations, coupons and promotions. In the meantime, we want as many people as possible to try out our app, as eatvo is there to make everyday life easier.

The eatvo app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, and registration takes just one minute!