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Sunday lunch in luxury – try the family-friendly offer at ÉS Bisztró


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9/9/2020 3:17 PM

Sunday lunch in luxury – this epitomises the Family Lunch offer at ÉS Bisztró, combining elegance with traditional flavours and homely hospitality.

Every Sunday from noon to 3pm, you can enjoy the special offer of the in-house restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest. Lunch has a fixed price of 11,900 forints (plus 12% service fee), but in return you receive a sumptuous feast, and can consume as much as you like from the menu. Of course, beverages are also included, soft drinks and quality wines, and you can even start your festive meal with sparkling wine.

Photo: ÉS Bisztró

On the menu, every member of the family should find something to their liking, whether they prefer classic or more specialised cuisine. As an appetiser, your hearty cold dish might be marinated salmon, duck terrine or tartar beefsteak with, of course, fresh, warm bread. It is tempting to snack at this point, but it is worth keeping in mind that there are three more, similarly filling, courses in store.

Next up is the traditional Viennese Tafelspitz, the consumption of which is almost equal to a ceremony. You start with the soup, then spread the marrow bone on toast, and finally the meat is served onto your plate with the side dishes on offer: creamy spinach, potato rösti, chives sauce and apple horseradish. Some of the pairings may seem surprising, but the differing textures complement each other perfectly, and the milder flavours offset the intense seasoning of the soup.

Photo: ÉS Bisztró

The main course is the most informal part of the menu, as you can choose from six different options each week, sometimes more. Upon our visit, light salmon fillets and crispy, grilled king prawns were our favourites, but we also found Wiener schnitzel on the menu, ideal if we’d been looking for a more traditional dish. Of course, this is also great for kids, as this is by all means a family-friendly occasion. One thing is for sure: the dessert selection will please all generations.

Photo: ÉS Bisztró

Not only have the needs of young families been taken into account when compiling the menu, while most restaurants offering unlimited consumption lay out buffet tables, ÉS Bisztró provides waiter service for convenience. 

Sadly, the children’s corner has had to be shelved due to pandemic restrictions, but the organisers are trying to come up with a hygienic solution that will guarantee both peace of mind for parents and safety for kids. Those arriving by car are also welcome, and can use Kempinski’s underground garage for free during lunch, allowing for a relaxing visit. Of course, non-drivers will be equally accommodated – anyone, in fact, who wants to transform an average Sunday into a festive occasion.

In warmer weather, you can take in the sun on the terrace, and there’ll be cosy live music playing in the background.

ÉS Bisztró
Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest 
District V. Deák Ferenc utca 12-14
Reservations here 

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