Side streets near Andrássy út to be pedestrianised for community events


  • Kessler Gretchen

8/3/2020 10:33 AM

From 1 August through 18 October, the municipality for Terézváros, District VI, will close the smaller streets around Andrássy út in the section between Vörösmarty utca and Rózsa utca. With car traffic out of the way, the area can be transformed into a community space.

According to the official website of the Terézváros municipality, the side streets between Vörösmarty utca and Rózsa utca will be off-limits to cars, including parking. Any vehicles that remain on that section will be removed from the site. The announcement adds that traffic will be redirected via signage.

Council members encourage all residents of Budapest to come enjoy the community atmosphere – including recent ARC exhibitions and displays of works by contemporary artists. “Let Terézváros be a greener, cleaner, more liveable district!” continues the announcement, “and bring the beautiful boulevards of Europe back to their original functions".

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

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