Free mini concerts bring the magic of music to open spaces in Budapest


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6/30/2020 3:08 PM

The annual concert series Zenélő Budapest (‘Musical Budapest’) is again bringing free sounds to open spaces around the Hungarian capital this summer in the form of 20-minute concerts. The series starts this Thursday, 2 July and runs until 27 August.

Close to 200 mini concerts will take place at locations such as the Musical Fountain on Margaret Island, the colonnades of the Műcsarnok and Museum of Fine Arts on Heroes' Square, the Várkert Bazár and several other spots around Buda Castle, the wonderful surroundings of the Hungarian National Museum, the Millenáris Park and the newly opened Hegyvidék Cultural Salon behind the MOM Center.

Photo: Zenélő Budapest

Separate chamber music compositions have been created for the occasion, for each of the venues. The repertoire includes classical pieces with jazz instrumentation, saxophone quartets, swing-era tunes, brass concerts in Hussar uniforms, female string quartets, Transylvanian folk-music concerts and woodwind performances with opera singers. The chamber music compositions will feature pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Schubert, Rossini, Liszt, Erkel, Tchaikovsky and Bizet. Among the performing artists are soloists and members of some of the most prestigious orchestras and ensembles in Hungary, with young up-and-coming artists also taking part.

A new feature has been added to the event this year, with an interactive exhibition by art director Nándor Götz, displaying newly designed and manufactured instruments, on show at the Millenáris Park, Várkert Bazár and the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon.

Concerts will take place with safety regulations in mind. A detailed schedule can be found here.

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