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Too nice to slice – order your own beautiful cake from Mon Petit Dessert Boutique


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6/11/2020 4:39 PM

There are cakes that are so special that you have a hard time broaching them with a fork. The cakes at Mon Petit Dessert Boutique are dessert creations whose beauty is surpassed only by their taste!

Master confectioner Zsófia Sámson has taken the science of making cakes to a new level and started making spectacular cakes based on French know-how under the umbrella of Mon Petit Dessert Boutique. The design dreamed up with French elegance is echoed not only in appearance but also in the ingredients: in the realm of desserts, cake creations with special flavours are always made using the best ingredients. There are 17 permanent delicacies to choose from, including lactose-, sugar- and gluten-free versions. Uniqueness is brought to the fore, the truly original items are adorned with edible, 24-carat gold embellishments. Browsing their website, we are submerged into a world of the finest delights.

Photo: Mon Petit Dessert Boutique

It takes about two days to create each item, the cakes made with careful attention and passion, using the methods of French kitchen technology. Each of the exclusive and exotic creations is a precisely designed masterpiece, the perfect choice for any occasion. Appearance is important, but being sweets, of course, the focus is on combining the perfect harmony of flavours: mango-white chocolate-and-caramel, lemon-and-basil, white chocolate-lemongrass-and-raspberry, pecan-pear-and-ginger, and a special pairing of raspberry-dark chocolate can all be ordered from the list.

“Over the course of my career, you could sample my wares at many restaurants around Budapest. I was able to call on the assistance of many renowned domestic and international chefs and confectioners in my profession. I trust that I can at least give you the kind of joyful experience when you taste my cakes, as it is was for me to make them!” says Zsófi.

Photo: Mon Petit Dessert Boutique

The cakes customers order are created by Zsófi with her own fair hands, all in keeping with the strictest hygiene regulations. The finished artefact can be requested to be delivered or picked up in person from the store by prior appointment.

Cake orders placed by 3pm will still be delivered that day between 4pm and 7pm, every day except Sunday.

Mon Petit Dessert Boutique
District VI. Király utca 72
Facebook (DM for orders and cake advice!)
Instagram (DM for orders and cake advice!)

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