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Order Mediterranean delicacies put together by top Budapest chefs from the Mediterrán Foods webshop!


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5/13/2020 12:08 PM

Travel and gastronomy are close companions, as tasting traditional flavours is essential when exploring any new culture. While recreating dishes otherwise concocted in a professional setting in our own homes might be a little tricky, it’s not impossible. Having supplied restaurants and local businesses with exquisite Spanish and Italian delights, Mediterrán Foods are now delivering to your home, too.

Photo: Mediterrán Foods

To brighten up another quarantine morning, now anyone can enjoy tasty Mediterranean delicacies for breakfast, as we all need a little reminder that the world still has delightful things to offer.

My aromatic delivery from Mediterrán Foods arrived just when I needed it. Their tomato sauce instantly makes any quick meal taste better, while the Parma ham, spicy olives and gorgonzola cheese are great additions to an evening wine session on the balcony. It all started three years ago, when friends from three different areas decided to start distributing their favourite gourmet foods.

Led by a sense of mission, they wanted to explore the culinary wonders of the Mediterranean, and duly compiled into a list of irresistible products. Instead of marketing smokescreens, they wanted to gain the trust of customers by proving the quality of their products, sending samples to restaurants and hotels, and letting the food sell itself.

Photo: Mediterrán Foods

“We noticed the demand for quality gourmet items, reliably sourced yet affordable. As wholesalers, we provided premium products at regular prices, first in Budapest then around Hungary, too” – say the founders of Mediterrán Foods.

They estimated the demand for their wallet-friendly specialities on a person-by-person basis, while adjusting their range of products according to the needs of their customers. Not just any tomato sauce could make it into their portfolio.

Photo: Mediterrán Foods

“Choosing and importing the products is the most time-consuming part of the process. When a restaurant lets us know that they need a specific item, we start researching to find the best option. We visit food expos, seek out smaller businesses, family-run and artisanal producers, and order samples for tasting. This allows our portfolio to feature the choices of Budapest’s top chefs,” – the team explains.

Photo: Mediterrán Foods

Mediterrán Foods has a uniquely positive attitude when it come to the difficult situation caused by the pandemic. As they say, challenges give space for growth, and they were excited to explore new possibilities. And so, they quickly took the decision to start delivering to the public, allowing us to bake our own Neapolitan pizzas from Neapolitan flour and tomatoes from the slopes of Vesuvius.

From the end of April, we have been able to stock our kitchens with items from their webshop, where we will soon be able to find themed packages as well, containing everything needed for a delicious meal. The range will feature Mediterranean breakfast options, Italian pasta, risotto, pizza, olive oil, olives and gazpacho.

They are continuously working on sizes of package, to be able to provide for the needs of smaller households, too. There is no minimum order quantity, no delivery cost, and the orders are dispatched in a contactless manner on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Photo: Mediterrán Foods

To keep up with Mediterrán Foods’ delicious future endeavours, follow their Facebook page.

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