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Order authentic Neapolitan pizza – day and night!


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12/18/2020 11:10 AM

PizzaGo Napoletana has just opened its doors at the beginning of Akácfa utca, on the site of the former Pizza King, with a mission to provide customers with quality pizza day and night.

The repertoire at this new pizzeria is simple and easy to negotiate. Only the most classic varieties – marinara, Margherita, prosciutto, piccante and funghi – are made, but they are excellent and available all hours.

Photo: Pizzago Napoletana

The pizzas from this top Italian outlet have received Neapolitan certification, which means that they are made strictly using prescribed traditional Italian ingredients. The dough is kneaded from Italian flour, and the tomato sauce is made from tomatoes grown at the foot of Vesuvius. The mozzarella and salami found on the toppings are also authentic products from Italy.

Photo: Pizzago Napoletana

You can order from Pizza Napoletana by day from Wolt, Bolt Food, Net Waiter or by phone (+36 30 248 6633) – these last two options available after 10pm. With the exception of 24 and 25 December, pizzas are made every day and delivered to your home super fast, in 20-25 minutes.

PizzaGo Napoletana
District VII. Akácfa utca 9 
Tel: +36 30 248 6633 

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