Baker’s Taxi brings fresh bread to the masses


  • Nóra Nemes

11/17/2020 3:07 PM

Bread has put itself into the public eye as the pandemic rages through Europe. When the first lockdown was announced, flour and yeast vanished from supermarket shelves, and it was said that Hungary had become “the land of ten million bakers”. Now, one couple is bringing bread to the people.

Those living in Budapest will remember the recent mural painted at the intersection of Károly körút and Gerlóczy utca, celebrating the baking spirit which united Hungarians in March.

Photo: BVA/András Farkas

Until this spring, Dávid Bali was working as an event organiser and food truck caterer. He and his wife, Boróka Pintér – who is a gastronomist herself – moved out of the capital to Pusztazámor this year, and they were surprised that there was no high-end baker in the town or surrounding area. They decided to remedy this situation themselves.

Photo: Boldog Attila – Pék Taxi

Because Dávid already had experience with food trucks, it wasn’t too great of a leap to create Pék Taxi. Packed with delicious pastries, breads and premium sourdoughs, 'Baker’s Taxi' is revolutionising the way we receive our daily bread.

The project is still in its infancy, so the couple are figuring out which bakery products will be stocked each day, but one thing is for certain: Baker’s Taxi will be stopping in Sóskút, Tárnok, Pusztazámor, Agárd, Gárdony and Velence.

On their Facebook page, you can follow where the rolling bakery will be parked. In Gárdony, for example, you can buy from them on Saturday; in Pusztazámor, on Friday.

Photo: Boldog Attila – Pék Taxi

Long-term plans include home delivery, as well as an increased delivery area in general, so that unleavened sourdough bread and fresh, homemade pastries can be had everywhere.

Photo: Boldog Attila – Pék Taxi

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