See how Budapest got active every winter


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1/28/2020 1:09 PM

Winter in Budapest means plenty of outdoor fun, skating, sledging and even skiing. But, as these classic vintage photos show, the city once had far more rinks set up in random places and sledging along car-free streets. There was even a ski jump at Normafa. Take a look!

Winters in Budapest used to be much heavier than they are today – the legendary Big Freeze of 1986-87 saw the capital covered in 40 centimetres of snow, schools closed and work places inaccessible.

Sourced from the Fortepan open photo archive, these images reveal how residents managed to find plenty of options to get active – beyond the skating rink in City Park, revered then as now.

Photo: György Klösz

Photo: Bálint Magyar

Photo: Noémi Saly

Photo: Edit Péter

Photo: Márk Szerdahelyi

Photo: Fortepan

Photo: Sándor Halmosi

Photo: Fortepan

Photo: Tivadar Lissák

Photo: Lajos Miklós

Photo: Lajos Miklós

Photo: Mihály Szent-Tamás

Photo: Ferenc Barbjerik

Photo: Tamás Urbán

Photo: Tamás Urbán

Photo: Katalin Hlatky

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