You don’t need to head to Buda for retreats into nature – initiatives by the Pilis Park Forest Company also promote the wonderful natural areas in Pest. Residents in outlying districts have enjoyed the lush, romantic landscape around Lake Naplás. Now, thanks to a new lookout tower coming this autumn, the organisation hopes to promote ecological tourism in the area!

In recent decades, efforts have been made to increase residential and recreational areas, rather than the old industrial plots which dominated Pest. The area around Lake Naplás is wonderfully wild: marshy, full of trees, dotted with turtles and frogs. The view will be further enhanced by a new, modern lookout tower which is planned to be built in autumn, providing a panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings.

The Lake Naplás Lookout is part of the Pilisi Parkerdő Urban Forest Development Programme, with the help of government funding. Plans for the tower were developed by Robert Gutowski Architects, with the help of contractor Fitotron System Kft, who also built the Prédikálószék lookout tower in the Visegrád hills. Field work will begin the first week of August, and the project aims to be completed by the autumn.