Street concerts and live shows are coming to the Budapest district of Ferencváros every Thursday, vehicles bringing musicians and performers to streets and public spaces.

On the Hungarian Day of Poetry, 11 April, Budapest’s Ferencváros district was filled with the sound of verse recited over loudspeakers on mini trucks, bringing a little joy to locals stuck inside their homes. Now this has provided the inspiration for a new initiative.

Since that first event, many locals contacted the council asking for more. They, in turn, have just announced the following: ‘As opportunities to perform have diminished, artists are also struggling financially, so the council aims to help them as well as entertain locals by continuing this initiative’.

The special mobile concerts will be held on Thursdays between 3pm and 7pm. The vehicles, permits and speakers will be provided by the local council, but because of the nature of these events, there will be no decorations, lighting systems or other expenditure. Artists will be paid for their work.

Performers can apply here, while locals can vote for their favourites here.