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  • Kata Fári

4/9/2019 11:55 AM

Fiery demonstrations, the #metoo movement and countless other hot topics – 2018 was a turbulent time in Hungary. Now the Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition is showcasing the past year with more than 400 of the best works in Hungarian photojournalism. The exhibition runs until 19 May at the Capa Centre.

Being organised for the 37th time, the Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition showcases the most important events of the past year through the best works in photojournalism. The winning artwork is a series by freelance photographer Milán Radics that presents the evolution of water on Earth from melting glaciers to picturesque moorlands and dried-out riverbanks across 11 countries.

Photo: Milán Radics

The André Kertész Award for the best work with people as the focus was given to János Bődey ( for a series entitled If we need to go, Niki comes with us! It presents the day-to-day reality of a 26-year-old woman living with mental illness, and her family. The series also took first prize in the Everyday Life category.

Photo: János Bődey

A series by Péter Zsolnai (Bors) depicting protesters demonstrating against Hungary’s so-called slave law won first prize in its category.

Photo: Péter Zsolnai

Márton Béres (Zsaru) created a series entitled #Metoo, photographing seven people who had suffered violence (sexual, domestic or harassment at work) and spoke about it in public. The subjects include a person beaten at a children’s home and Erika Renner, dismembered for life with lye, a caustic hydroxide, by her ex-boyfriend, a former head physician at a hospital in Buda. Her story had been scrutinised by the authorities and the media for years.

Photo: Márton Béres

In addition to the award-winning photos, the curator of the exhibition also selected works considered of notable value. Visitors to the exhibition can peruse some 410 photographs by outstanding Hungarian artists at the Capa Centre until 19 May.

Photo: Anett Bódi

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