Special edition Budapest Monopoly out now!


  • Kata Fári

4/11/2019 4:27 PM

Playing Monopoly has never been so much fun! Now you can make the Chain Bridge, Heroes’ Square or the whole of Margaret Island yours – that is, if you manage to stay out of jail! You lose money when you feel like eating a lángos and win some when you graduate with flying colours from the Franz Liszt Music Academy. This is Monopoly Budapest-style, breathing new life into this age-old family favourite. Remember those times when you enjoyed bankrupting your friends and family? Now it’s time to play again! 

Guidebook-superstar landmarks such as Liberty Bridge, the Great Market Hall, the Fishermen’s Bastion and all major Budapest sights are the squares on the beautifully designed board. Thanks to the brand-new special edition of everyone’s best-loved game, you can gobble up all of Budapest with only a throw of a dice and a fistful of Monopoly money. Building a hotel on Margaret Island, Gellért Hill or in the Castle District and then pocketing heaps of dosh from passers-by sounds like pretty good fun, doesn't it?

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsi - We Love Budapest

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Budapest

Among all the lovely landmarks on the board, you may notice one special purple square belonging to We Love Budapest, as we are the game’s official media partner. We also designed our unique Chance card, which will send you on a brand-new mission if you happen to draw it during the game. Other cards make you pay for your lángos or your public transport pass, while some reward you for your hypothetical Hungarian knowledge or for graduating from Budapest's renowned Franz Liszt Music Academy.

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Budapest

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Budapest

While the texts are in Hungarian, the rules needn’t be explained to anyone. Budapest Monopoly will first be available at and will come to stores soon. But those who stay tuned – and speak Hungarian – will soon have the chance to participate in a special event organised by We Love Budapest, where a handful of lucky board-game fans can win their very own Budapest Monopoly.

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Budapest

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Budapest

The special Budapest edition of Monopoly was created by Winning Moves, the world’s largest official licensee of Hasbro and the Monopoly brand – the same team who brought you Monopoly Friends, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter Cluedo games. Budapest joins the roster of more than 200 special city editions the world over, including New York, Edinburgh, Sydney, Rome and Dublin. And one thing is for sure, we love it!

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