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Relive great live shows at the A38 Ship with themed music channels


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12/5/2019 6:15 PM

Looking for a little inspiration and variety in music? The A38 Ship not only hosts the best concerts, it also produces quality movies that you can watch in the luxury of your own home. The aim is to convey the concert experience to as many people as possible. The channels regularly feature concerts in a wide variety of genres – so everyone is guaranteed to find the music to suit their tastes.

The A38 Ship has produced footage for more than 1,500 concert over the course of almost one and a half decades, and continues to record 250 shows a year. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the largest collections of Hungarian and international music. Although the films were broadcast and showcased by Hungarian TV, most of the recordings get sent to the archive after a couple of screenings. Here are the four channels and some concert gems.

;list=PLTBDbyWDV8iWrxrk9jpofkOqE_km-pAyH This channel is for lovers of pop, rock and electronica. Recent gems include the flying dreampop concert by

;list=PLTBDbyWDV8iWBM8KLkX4EoqHQFJEeQh66" target="_blank">Still Corners,

;list=PLTBDbyWDV8iWrxrk9jpofkOqE_km-pAyH" target="_blank">Black Lips for all urban alt-hipster guitar fans, the performance by Ukraine's coolest electronic-pop outfit,

;list=PLTBDbyWDV8iXF1KPGePy-H7WX6HNU_vf-" target="_blank">Onuka, the concert featuring music from the popular Hungarian film

;list=PLTBDbyWDV8iWj7dCMVFKoLGSFn0j4uM5p" target="_blank">Bad Poetry, and instrumental techno from the beginning of the year by

;list=PLTBDbyWDV8iUpTMiY6qFo1vCoTFGPv_ji." target="_blank">Electro Guzzi.

;list=PLCQ4S23spE5A7xla1b-vtTQNHVe2s9wRc This channel showcases the lively rhythms of world music and folk. You can take in the fun sounds of

;list=PLCQ4S23spE5DWbGW-gvD9LBGWMZUGdgpH" target="_blank">Várkonyi Csibészek & Friends, together with disadvantaged Gypsy children, the recent A38 show by blossoming

;list=PLCQ4S23spE5Ad1Foq7n_YhFkay_Az4uVE" target="_blank">Aurevoir, and the Grammy-winning Mexican jazz drum & orchestra of

;list=PLCQ4S23spE5A7xla1b-vtTQNHVe2s9wRc" target="_blank">Antonio Sánchez & Migration, also at the beginning of the year.

;list=PL_owuGSgRIFXqBUIe0-1aVKLQbnyczS1b Rock, metal and hardcore/punk aficionados can find treasures here.

" target="_blank">No Means No unleash their inner old-school punk rock, as do spikytops

;list=PL_owuGSgRIFUFVUCEO5OTh8pPZveEW6-X" target="_blank">No Fun At All.You can have a look at the show by

;list=PL_owuGSgRIFUwhyBPOPUrIrtlRRi_ut3A" target="_blank">Unearth, who make a welcome return early in 2020, as well as the one featuring this year’s successful performances by hardcore foreign bands,

;list=PL_owuGSgRIFXqBUIe0-1aVKLQbnyczS1b" target="_blank">Harmed and, alternative metal from Northern Ireland,

;list=PL_owuGSgRIFWuCXRPO5hLR0sbcFDUQAnt" target="_blank">Therapy?

;list=PLM4tzdCeCG-_oai0DyeYyBFl0KXFjr51A For lovers of experimental music, jazz and radical sounds. Among the special concerts are

;list=PLM4tzdCeCG--dTlMvR-ISw-GCeYAconTI" target="_blank">Rájatszás,

;list=PLM4tzdCeCG-9UAChhddQzEVebesVXIodJ" target="_blank">Jojo Mayer Nerve, and we also came across the great 2014 concert by

;list=PLM4tzdCeCG-_oai0DyeYyBFl0KXFjr51A" target="_blank">makrohang from Pécs, sadly no longer with us.

Gems from the archive

In addition to current recordings, the A38 continually broadcasts top-quality footage from its archive. Look out on Advent Sundays cult Hungarian bands. The playlist now includes

" target="_blank">Európa Kiadó 2014,

" target="_blank">Erik Sumo Band 2005,

" target="_blank">Másfél from 2005,

" target="_blank">Hiperkarma 2005,

" target="_blank">Kistehén’s first A38 concert from 2006,

" target="_blank">Emil.RuleZ! and

" target="_blank">Quimby from 2006, and, from 2007,

" target="_blank">Tudósok and Brains performing together. From 2009, there’s a show by

" target="_blank">Isten Háta Mögött and, from 2010,

" target="_blank">La Coka Nostra as well as

" target="_blank">Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric themed around Lennon at 70, featuring the wonderful voice of Juli Fábián, sadly departed too young.

The channels will, of course, be regularly updated, as will the concerts and footage. All you have to do is subscribe to these themed channels and get lost with the crowd in the music.

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