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4 days, 15 venues and 30 English-friendly shows – here are 4+1 highlights of dunaPart5!


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11/25/2019 12:51 PM

Being held for the fifth year, dunaPart5 showcases prominent artists from the world of contemporary theatre and dance. Also including site-specific performances, this four-day event beginning on 27 November will be English-friendly throughout.

Organised by the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, dunaPart5 gives vital exposure to mainly independent Hungarian performers, whose work will be seen by hundreds of international professionals in the industry. Several shows are also open to the public, at venues ranging from the Trafó itself, to the new National Dance Theatre, the MU Theatre, the Három Holló café and the Jurányi Production Community Incubator House.

Photo: Trafó

Staged every two years, dunaPart has been attended by some hundred or so professionals each time, allowing for any number of opportunities and collaborations. This year, 230 guests from 31 countries have signed up for dunaPart5, including renowned event organisers, festival directors and critics.

“The event is important for Hungarian cultural life, since the integration of the independent sphere into the European and world markets is essential for the development of the profession, through individual understanding, experience and personal contacts,” say organisers.

Photo: DunaPart5

Guests will receive an up-to-date impression of contemporary performing arts in Hungary and find local partners for future collaboration. A number of foreign tours have already come about thanks to dunaPart.

This year’s agenda features 30 presentations at 15 venues, all of which will be English-friendly in some way or other, either performed in English or with surtitles.

The focus is on contemporary theatre and dance, as well as other innovative performance genres. For all details, see here.

European Freaks

On the opening night of the festival, STEREO AKT and the Zimmertheater Tübingen explore the concept of an EU 2.0 with a group of dysfunctional humanoid robots, live-composed visuals and acoustics – and non-professional local citizens, who provide spontaneity. It’s all the result of an equally spontaneous decision by Hungarians STEREO AKT and German company Zimmertheater Tübingen to work together after crossing paths at an international conference earlier this year.

Trafó Main Hall

27 November, 9pm

More details here

United Space of Ambivalence

Photo: DunaPart5

Choreographer Máté Mészáros has created a fluid piece in which he and four other dancers animate each other’s movements around a stage that’s constantly transforming. Exploring the grey areas between play and self-parody, precision and fake documentary, the performers also test the limits of direction and free will.

Trafó Theatre Hall

28 November, 9pm

More details here

Head First

Photo: DunaPart5

The Symptoms re-enact the experience of childbirth in Head First, co-titled The Contractions of Expanding Time. Four dancers take the audience on a journey through pain, triumph and euphoria as they recall personal memories of giving birth, and articulate the experience through body movements, images and the written word. The Symptoms are a performance collective organised around Hungarian dancer and choreographer, Réka Szabó.

Trafó Main Hall

29 November, 8pm

More details here

The Issue

Photo: DunaPart5

Soharóza – costume designer Fruzsina Nagy, choirmaster Dóra Halas and electronic musician Márk Bartha – create a new concept of live music, theatre and choreography on a fashion catwalk. Anchoring the whole piece is The Spinning Room, a series of études by Zoltán Kodály based on traditional Hungarian folk tunes. Performed in Hungarian with English surtitles.

Trafó Theatre

30 November, 9pm

More details here

+1 Sensorivm
Describing itself as a performance installation – the installation starts at 8pm, the performance at 8.30pm – Sensorivm is a sound exploration with a touch-sensitive installation. It’s also a wonderfully imaginative way to bookend the four-day festival. EJTECH has already exhibited in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo, while the audience can try out the most recent interfaces.


30 November, 8pm

More details here

Complete schedule here


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