AI master and star chef among the speakers announced for Brain Bar 2019


  • Kata Fári

1/28/2019 5:09 PM

New names have just been announced for Brain Bar 2019, Europe’s biggest festival on the future, being held between 30-31 May in Budapest. The creator of humanoid robot Sofia, the world’s first android citizen, Ben Goertzel, and star chef of Copenhagen’s most acclaimed restaurant, David Zilber, are both among the confirmed speakers.

Can robots provide us with emotional attachment? Will science eventually lead to a post-human era? Will dinosaurs roam the Earth again? At this meeting of the brightest minds, far-reaching discussions investigate such questions, and more, seeking what the future holds for humankind.

On the impressive list of guests are one of the world’s foremost experts in AI, Ben Goertzel, Jurassic Park advisor and palaeontologist Jack Horner, and the first female imam in Scandinavia, Sherin Kankan.

Also appearing will be the founder of Quillette, an online platform of free thought and groundbreaking ideas, Claire Lehmann, the chief marketing officer for global investors Black Rock, Frank Cooper III,andstar chef at Copenhagen’s most inventive restaurant, Noma, David Zilber.

In addition to these pioneering presenters, Brain Bar will hold a Future Jobs expo, offering innovative career opportunities, concerts, theatre shows and a food-truck rally. Early bird tickets are available until 31 January for €90 on the official website.

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