The first Grand Budapest Film Festival celebrates independent filmmaking – and all free to see!


  • Kata Fári

1/15/2019 5:55 PM

On Thursday and Friday, the Puskin art-house cinema is hosting the first Grand Budapest Film Festival. Celebrating independent cinema, the festival provides a platform for filmmakers who don’t necessarily have a large budget, but an important vision and a story to tell. From animation to gripping documentaries and heartfelt narratives, a wide variety of genres and styles feature, each film screening with English audio or subtitles. And it’s all free!

On both days, the festival runs between 8pm and 11pm, all films screening with English audio or subtitles. Friday concludes with a short awards ceremony, where the winners will be announced, followed by a networking event for filmmakers and their audience to mingle. The festival is free, but you do need to pick up a ticket at the Puskin Cinema from Wednesday, 16 January on. Seats will not be allocated.

The festival opens on Thursday with Belgian-made May Day, shortlisted for an Oscar in the Live Action Short Film category. For a full schedule and more details, follow the Grand Budapest Film Festival Facebook page.

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