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Eagle eye: get cutting-edge laser surgery in Budapest

Wearing glasses or poking your eyes with contact lenses can get annoying after a while, and that is just when you start toying with the idea of laser surgery. Although it might sound slightly scary at first, at Budapest's professional Sasszem Clinic you're in expert hands. Here's everything you need to know to get a clear picture.

Budapest's Sasszem Clinic is the largest laser clinic in Hungary, with more than 100,000 treatments and 22 years of experience behind them. Uniquely in the country, they operate with three cutting-edge lasers to be able to fix a multitude of sight issues in just 15 minutes. As a novelty, they've recently introduced FEMTO Smart, revolutionary and personalised surgery, to their repertoire, which is also available in London. Most patients who undergo eye surgery will get an above 100% sight, meaning that they will see better than ever before.

If you're thinking about surgery, you can sign up for a free aptitude test at Sasszem Clinic. First, one of the world's most modern machines, the Schwind Peramis,  scans your eye precisely and touch-free. It takes 33 pictures per second and is about three to six times more precise than other traditional machines. Afterwards, several tens of thousands of data will be available to create an accurate plan to fix any problems your eyes may have. During surgery, two 5D machines of the same brand work together in harmony, with guaranteed precision.

After surgery, you only need one day to recover before you can get back to work, sit in front of a computer or even drive. The first 1,000 patients who undergo FEMTO Smart surgery in Budapest are offered a discount of 100,000 forints. So sign up for a free aptitude test now and get your eyes fixed for a lifetime. Check the official website for more details.

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