A white chocolate and grape creation wins award as Budapest’s best dessert


  • Kata Fári

9/12/2018 4:55 PM

Prestigious confectionery Szamos Marcipán has just triumphed in a new competition to find Budapest’s best dessert. Its white chocolate and grape creation edged out entries from 13 other sweet makers as decided by a jury of professionals and laymen. The judges were looking for something featuring grapes that would catch on with the general public, that could be made at home and that would not cost more that 1,000 forints. Szamos will now have a separate stand at this weekend’s Sweet Days Chocolate and Sweets Festival by St. Stephen’s Basilica.

According to the president of the Hungarian Chocolate and Sweets Association: “Just as Somlói Galuska became one of the most popular desserts in Hungary through a competition, we wanted to launch a competition to find more desserts that could be embraced by everyone in the same fashion, not only at confectioneries but at restaurants, too.” The competition is planned to take place every year from now on, in September.

Photo: Lajos Soós

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