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Open-air party series kicks off summer at Budapest Park


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19/06/2018 5.37pm

Shake your body down to the ground this summer at the city’s main outdoor hangout. Known for its live-music shows, Budapest Park will be hosting the likes of Billy Idol, Queens of The Stone Age and Alice In Chains this summer. After the concerts, a series of raucous parties turns the dance floor into a hot hangout, where revellers let loose to a wild mix of tunes. From esoteric electronica to indie and ’80s’ pop, music played for these good-time gatherings entices a vast audience to enjoy balmy nights near Budapest’s red Rákóczi Bridge.

The city’s party crowds are taking over Budapest Park this summer. In addition to prominent stage performances, this alfresco seasonal locale will be hosting musical merrymaking, running until the late-night hours.

Photo: Budapest Park

On June 21st, after Queens of The Stone Age exit the stage, the show goes on with the Tesco Disco. This party will bring you UK and American indie masterfully mixed with Hungarian tunes. The following day, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are brought into the limelight for the Queens Party. A week later, on June 29th, Y-production gets you high with psytrance, blasting with synthetic rhythms and layered melodies.

Photo: Budapest Park

The VHS era comes alive on July 2nd, when revellers celebrate freedom amid neon-hued visuals and synthwave sounds, influenced by film soundtracks and video games of the 1980s and ’90s. If you were a fan of Knight Rider or played GTA Vice City, this Neonhullám party will float your boat.

Photo: Budapest Park

Remember all that musical trash that got you moving in the ‘90s? NECC Party helps evoke disco scenes from decades ago on July 6th. Meanwhile, Green Day, Foo Fighters and Fall Out Boy are on the repertoire of Lithium Night, hosted at the Park on July 13th.

Photo: Budapest Park

Then on July 27th, the PressPlay video disco builds on numbers, old or new, and stunning audiovisuals. Check out this more comprehensive list of parties taking place at Budapest Park this summer:

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