Dates set for Budapest’s special summer picnics on Liberty Bridge


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  • Kata Fári

5/25/2018 4:47 PM

This summer, on four consecutive weekends from July 14th, Liberty Bridge will again become a car-free public hangout. In an ongoing game of bridge, Valyo, the non-profit team of enthusiastic young Budapest residents, has managed to convince the City to allow local bands, flamenco dancers, salsa, zumba and yoga instructors to entertain crowds. Numerous exciting events will take place directly above the Danube along this historic crossing. Feel free to bring your special someone or your mates, and fill the bridge with fun. See you there!

One of Budapest’s most picturesque crossings, Liberty Bridge, was closed to car traffic for three months in the summer of 2016 due to construction works. During this time, crowds gathered to create an impromptu picnic spot and the best hangout of the summer. All good things must come to an end, and towards the end of the season, cars were allowed back on the bridge, ending its time as a recreation space.

But a spark had been lit. The following year, Valyo successfully persuaded the authorities to turn the bridge into an official car-free recreation zone at certain times. This initiative ended with many happy scenes like a wedding photo shoot, impromptu concerts, dance shows, magic acts, picnics, BBQs and all kinds of cool gatherings. And this year, it is happening again. Watch this video from last year as a teaser, and flood the bridge with fun in July and August!

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