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Arany Kaviár adds champagne lunches to its high-quality Russian repertoire


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14/05/2018 5.22pm

Delicious caviar, Hungarian sturgeon, exquisite champagne, authentic Russian dishes, local ingredients and a lovely garden – this is Arany Kaviár, a trendsetting, top-notch restaurant opened in 1990, a perfect example of consistency, innovation and elegance. The latest addition to its already impressive culinary offerings is the lavish champagne lunch at weekends. Pel’meni dumplings, syrniki pancakes, shchi cabbage soup with smetana cream – if you have not sampled any of these Russian classics, now might be the time.

Arany Kaviár usually offers specials besides its individual dishes: a lunch menu, a seasonal Hungarian fish platter and a traditional dinner menu. Now they've added a masterfully composed champagne lunch at weekends, available on Saturdays and Sundays between noon and 2pm.

Photo: Arany Kaviár

The restaurant has a beautiful green courtyard, a quiet, relaxing space that connects to the roofed terrace. This charming garden is perfect for celebrations or special occasions.

The champagne offered with the lunch special is Törley Chardonnay Brut, which evokes prosecco and goes well with all the dishes to showcase the complexity of Arany Kaviár’s cuisine. The cold starters are duck liver with rhubarb, herring salad, gravlax (salmon marinade), cold-smoked Hungarian sturgeon and marinated beetroot. It’s recommended to taste them in the order they’re served, to fully enjoy the intense aromas and tastes. Different breads come with the food, with mixed seeds, buckwheat and red cabbage, complemented perfectly by wild garlic butter and a French unsalted variation

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

For warm starters, pel'meni (Russian dumplings) arrives with a wild-boar filling, a signature dish here and at the sister Moszkvatér venue, too. The Russian mushroom julienne is made of morels with melted cheese on top. Owner and head chef Szása Nyíri usually collects the mushrooms himself and, after having them examined, he uses them up in his dishes. The soup is tasty shchi with smetana, cabbage soup with sour cream.

Photo: Arany Kaviár

All the menus offer three types of dishes as a main course: meat, fish or chicken Kiev. The veal with white carrots and morel mushrooms is a balanced, with soft, top-quality meat. For dessert, there’s syrniki fried pancakes with strawberries and dill ice cream, deliciously complemented by Törley champagne. The weekend lunch special costs 13,900 forints plus service fee.

Photo: Arany Kaviár

Photo: Arany Kaviár

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