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Sziget Festival 2018 to introduce more planet-friendly activities in Budapest


  • Petra Berende

23/04/2018 5.26pm

Sziget is going green. Budapest’s week-long extravaganza is committed to reducing its ecological footprint with a deeper focus on sustainability, as just announced by event organizers. Taking place from August 8th to 15th, the 2018 festival should become less harmful to nature with the introduction of returnable cups and glasses, reduced use of straws and a new eco-friendly camping site, EcoCamp. Under the main theme of Love Revolution, this alfresco attraction backs causes such as anti-racism, human rights and peace. Sziget has also revealed technological innovations and the acts for 2018.

Following successful conservation measures of previous years, a bigger chunk of Sziget’s total budget will be allocated to better protect nature in 2018. While establishing eco-friendly practices would be expected at a place where masses of people from all over the globe gather, these newly introduced activities should encourage festivalgoers to spread the message of sustainability around the world.

Photo: Sziget Festival

An initiative to reduce plastic waste include the appearance of Re:glasses, prompting revellers to return their used cups and glasses instead of dumping them. Meanwhile, straws will only be offered to customers upon request at all Sziget gastronomy stalls.

In 2018, Sziget Szitizens who are committed to having minimal impact on the environment can opt for the pioneering EcoCamp as their festival home from home. This nature-friendly campsite will be served by solar-powered showers, water-efficient toilets, selective waste collection, biodegradable cleaning products, green electricity and an eco-laundry service.

Photo: Sziget Festival

Even the Sziget’s 2018 Street Theatre show takes its inspiration from the underlying Love Revolution theme to promote messages about global warming and the future of our planet.

Main technological developments include a new method of payment using the Sziget wristband to replace the former Festipay plastic cards. These high-tech accessories can be topped up directly from the Sziget mobile app. After the last day of the festival, the application will automatically reimburse any remaining amount above 300 forints on the same bank account that was added to the system.

Photo: Sziget Festival

Looking at the 2018 agenda, Sziget will host a wide array of Jewish cultural events to celebrate 70 years of Israel. Performers playing the festival for this occasion include Israeli DJ Borgore on the A38 stage, Jewish Monkeys at the World Music stage and Omer Netzer appointed for the Europe Stage.

Photo: Kata Major

And to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, South African artist Moonchild Sanelly and psychedelic pop band Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness will promote the country’s musical repertoire. As a new festival venue, the Caravan Tent will feature artists that belong to minorities, such as Dil Mastana, a Gypsy music group from the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Photo: Major Kata

Festival passes have been selling out fast after Sziget unveiled top headliners Lana del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, and Mumford and Sons. While five-day tickets have already gone, those valid for one, three and seven days are still available at the official Sziget webshop.

Visit the Sziget website for the list of performers and more details.

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