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Party vortex to welcome the first vegan food court in Budapest


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11/04/2018 5.44pm

Budapest’s gastronomy evolution knows no bounds. Joining the popular food-court concept that incorporates a selection of small-sized eateries under one roof, a new alfresco compound will launch within the Rácskert garden of Dob utca, presenting eateries specialized in only vegan treats. This new hangout, eco-friendly all-over, is set to open within historic Jewish District in May, perfectly timed for the peak summer months, when open-air hangouts are abuzz.

The expansion of vegan lifestyle choices in Budapest is shown in the growing number of eateries serving all things meat- and dairy-free from plant-based burgers to reimagined versions of popular Hungarian dishes. While the city offers plentiful locales for those who want to avoid ingredients of animal origin, only seasonal events, such as the monthly Vegan Sunday Market, present a mix of suitable eateries under one roof.

Photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest

Launching Vegan Garden in a District VII courtyard caters to those seeking an eco-friendly and health-conscious lifestyle in Budapest. In May, food trucks roll into alfresco Rácskert (Dob utca 40) with their pizzas, burgers, waffles, ice creams and smoothies, all free from animal products, of course. While the list of participating places is still to be confirmed, Las Vegan's burgers (also available in the nearby KARAVÁN street-food court) and frosty treats by the local Hideg Nyalat brand have already been announced. Asian street food and vegan alcohol are likely to complete the selection.

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

As for the decoration, garden plants will be installed across this open space. And to reduce ecological footprint, the plates, cutlery and bottles used by the eateries will be created from biodegradable materials. And that’s not all – Vegan Garden will use specific composting methods for waste management. You can also look forward to theme days, workshops and fairs here during the summer months, all promoting a vegan lifestyle.

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