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Budapest opens a forest running trail by the Children's Railway


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19/10/2018 5.28pm

Bucolic autumn scenes envelop a Budapest forest path, now transformed into a running track at Hárs Hill. Ideal for cross-country running, this three-kilometre-long trail is marked every 500 metres with a red sign painted over tree trunks displaying a runner. Formerly used for cross-country skiing, this single-track course features rough terrain for more challenging exercise.

Beginning at the Szépjuhászné stop of the Children’s Railway, where the red and yellow hiking trails meet, a slightly elevated running track calls for a calf-crunching workout. Those who come here for a jog will be rewarded with fresh air and the languid landscape that surrounds the trail.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Nearby attractions include a pair of wooden lookout towers, one designed by the late Imre Makovecz, an internationally acclaimed master of organic architecture. Ruins of a 13th-century Pauline cloister also dot this natural domain.

Photo: We Love Budapest

The running track is accessible by bus 22 from Széll Kálmán tér, alighting at the Szépjuhászné, Gyermekvasút stop. There are also parking places for cars.

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