Budapest’s Paris Court will house a deluxe Hyatt hotel


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  • Nick Robertson

9/29/2017 4:07 PM

With its huge glass dome, stylish mosaics, and ornate archways reflecting a fusion of Arabic, Moorish, and Gothic styles, Budapest’s incredible Paris Court is currently receiving a top-to-bottom renovation expected to be completed in 2018 – and yesterday the building’s management confirmed that this will be the site of a new Hyatt hotel in The Unbound Collection of this renowned hospitality company’s profile, offering an upscale facility of 110 guest rooms, 18 suites, and two presidential suites, along with a restaurant and bar within the historic building’s beautiful interior courtyard.

When the Paris Court (“Párisi Udvar” in Hungarian, and also called the Brudern House) building was completed in 1909 at the height of Budapest’s belle-époque boom years, this magnificent building of stunning architectural fusion immediately became one of the most prestigious addresses citywide, where upscale shops and cafés filled the highly ornamented sheltered courtyard. However, after Hungary endured both World Wars and decades of Soviet rule, the building was left in severe disrepair, and until recently the property was threatened with demolition – but fortunately, a complete restoration is now under way by the management of Budapest’s Mellow Mood Hotels group, which also operates the adjacent Buddha-Bar Budapest hotel in one of the historic Klotild Palaces.

Photo: Norbert Hartyányi - We Love Budapest

The management of Mellow Mood had always planned to launch another prestigious hotel within Paris Court when the renovation is complete, so news of yesterday’s announcement that a new Hyatt would open here is in some ways expected, but this will be no ordinary hotel – braches of Hyatt’s select The Unbound Collection primarily occupy notable locations in the USA, but this will only be the second such hotel in Europe, following the establishment of the Hôtel du Louvre in the heart of Paris.

Photo: Mellow Mood Hotels

While we still don’t know the exact date for when the Paris Court renovations will be completed and the new Hyatt hotel will open for business, both events are expected before the end of 2018 – keep reading We Love Budapest for more details.

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