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Reel Hungary Videos: the Hegyestű geological-exhibition site


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7/18/2017 3:39 PM

Soaring skyward from the volcanic soils of Hungary’s Káli Basin on Lake Balaton’s north shore, a fascinating mini-mountain of tall basalt columns beckons hikers to a panoramic lookout point at the peak. This is the Hegyestű geological-exhibition site, established in 1998 to preserve the natural beauty of this 337-meter-tall rock formation, a stunning relic of the era when this entire region flowed with lava millions of years ago. In the first installment of a new series of videos highlighting diverse destinations across Hungary, we present fantastic footage of Hegyestű and background details.

In the English-subtitled video below, provided to We Love Budapest by the Hungarian Tourism Agency as part of their “Hungary Awaits You” campaign to showcase the wide assortment of attractions to discover across the country, we can admire stunning drone footage of the Hegyestű geological-exhibition site – the statuesque remnant of an ancient volcano – and learn about various recreational and educational activities to enjoy there:

For more details about Hegyestű, its surrounding charms, and how to visit this hidden gem of Balaton Uplands National Park, check out this English-language info about it provided by our sister website, WeLoveBalaton.hu – and keep reading We Love Budapest for more installments of our “Reel Hungary Videos” series, coming soon!
How to get there from Budapest: by car from main road 71 on the north shore of Lake Balaton (see this article for specific instructions for reaching Lake Balaton from Budapest), in the town of Zánka turn toward the town center (away from Lake Balaton) on Rákóczi Way until the end of this road, and turn left (following the brown sign pointing toward the “Hegyestű Geológiai Bemutató”) onto Fő Street. Keep following Fő Street until you see another brown “Hegyestű Geológiai Bemutató” sign on the left side of the road, and turn right (at the corner with the bus stop and the Pasztovszki Borkúria) toward the village of Monoszló. Follow this road for about a half-kilometer until a paved one-lane road forks off to the right (if you enter Monoszló, you missed the turn) – this is the minimally marked entrance to the Hegyestű geological-exhibition site.

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