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Taste modern sweets at Budapest’s historic Gerbeaud confectionery


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03/02/2017 11.45am

For almost 160 years now, Budapest’s iconic Gerbeaud confectionery continually draws generations of sweet-toothed customers to enjoy scrumptious cakes, tarts, and other delights – but these delicious desserts are now being created with 21st-century style under the fresh leadership of this venerable city-center café’s new creative pastry chef, Tamás László.

After crafting tempting treats at such esteemed Budapest eateries as Centrál Café, Laci! Konyha!, and Émile (also operated by the Gerbeaud team), Tamás László was recently promoted to become Gerbeaud’s creative pastry chef, and he has already introduced an innovative new collection of modern desserts that are equally appealing for the eyes and taste buds. Interestingly, Tamás is not fond of eating sweets himself, but his passion for creating incredibly intricate cakes comes from the imaginative freedom that pastry-making provides, as he sculpts edible artworks with French flair and traditional tastes.

Taste modern sweets at Budapest’s historic Gerbeaud confectionery

Photo: Gerbeaud

The fresh patisserie selection that is now available behind Gerbeaud’s hallowed counter includes such alluring creations as the gluten-free Pineapple Bounty featuring chocolate ganache, pineapple mousseline, and caramelized pineapple on a coconut-macaron base (1,890 HUF); the Mango Dulcey Tart made with muscovado sugar, mango cream, whitened milk-chocolate cremeaux, and chocolate crumbs (2,250 HUF); and a curvaceous delight composed with William pear compote, walnut egg-white pastry, Granny Smith mousse, and crispy pecan discs on a vanilla-cookie base (2,250 HUF).

Taste modern sweets at Budapest’s historic Gerbeaud confectionery

Photo: Gerbeaud

All of the prices above apply for Gerbeaud guests who dine inside the café, but all of the confectionery’s cakes are offered with a50% discountwhen ordered for takeaway in decorative paper boxes – a delightful gift option to keep in mind as Valentine’s Day approaches. We can expect that Tamás László will continue to pleasantly surprise Gerbeaud patrons with his fresh ideas for a long time to come, as well as diners at Émile, where his artful indulgences will continue to be served.

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