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Smells like teen spirit: Golden boundaries exhibition at the Capa Center


  • Kata Fári

11/12/2017 11.02am

Puberty is a peculiar period; we’ve all been there. The new exhibition of the Capa Center explores this intriguing time in people’s lives, looking at different manifestations of self-expression and the search for personal autonomy and cultural diversity on the verge of growing into adulthood. Photographs by international and Hungarian artists let visitors take a sneak peak into the soul of adolescents from all around the world, who are in a transitional stage of physical and psychological development.

Three spacious and well-lit rooms are filled with colorful and contemporary black-and-white photographs taken of adolescents all around the world. The pictures hang in a stately fashion on the whitewashed walls, separated according to artist, and complete with a few words in English and Hungarian from the creators themselves about their work. This remarkable series features many talented photographers, yet some merit highlighting. Our favorites were the bold black-and-white images of Derek Ridges, who has been capturing London’s young since the ’70s, and the beautifully composed and vibrant images of Alexandre Haefeli, who sometimes suggestively, sometimes explicitly, portrays the naked male body in a series called The Company of Men.

Photo: Alexandre Haefeli

Visitors can also admire intriguing images by Siân Davey, who had been working as a psychotherapist for 15 years before trying her hand in photography in 2014, taking a series of her daughter who suffers from Down syndrome. Polish photographer Zuza Krajewska captured the life of boys in an institute for young offenders, while Hungarian photo artist Dániel Halász traveled all the way to Africa to experience at first hand, and document, living in a closely-knit community. You can also watch a short film by Georgian artist David Meskhi, presenting the lives of young Georgian skaters. Observing how this strange phase represents itself so similarly and yet so differently in various parts of the world makes this exhibition a worthwhile visit. More details

Golden Boundaries – Youth Culture in Contemporary Photography

The exhibition is on view until March 18th at the Robert Capa Contemporary Center of Photography.

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